Cash Money Street Digs

December 7th, 2016

cash-money-street-digsWelcome drag racing fans to the Colorado Cash Days. This is a 14-car, single elimination, dig racing tournament – coming at you loud and proud from the streets of Colorado, Mexico. Dig racing on the streets requires a unique balance between traction and power that is not demonstrated anywhere else in the racing world.

After 3-decades of racing on the streets (of Mexico), I am yet to find a 1/4-mile strip of highway that is as flat as the average drag strip. Sure, concrete streets can provide substantial traction but those seams feel like speed humps with some 10.5-inch tires under you and asphalt can get as slick as glass with a little rubber on it. Nevertheless, this field of street racers (with cars that range from 600hp to 2,000p) will attempt to keep the shiny side up while blasting through the 1320 on the brink of utter chaos.

You don’t want to miss this extremely competitive street racing action. You have your typical battle between Chevy and Ford but there are some really fast imports on hand as well. Who is fastest – nitrous, supercharged, or turbocharged? The true challenge is transferring horsepower to the pavement without breaking traction and crossing the center stripe. Great video!

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