Texas vs Oklahoma – Street Racing Event

September 5th, 2016

Texas vs Oklahoma - Street Racing EventThe animosity between Longhorns and Sooners has been brewing for longer than automobiles have been in production. This street racing event brings all this ill will to a head on the hot asphalt of a deserted industrial park (and throws in lovely razorback to boot).

Welcome drag racing fans to Cash Days 2016. You know that you are in for a treat when you see the likes of the Murder Nova, the Mistress Chevy II, the Kamikaze El Camino, the Big Baller Coupe Mustang, the Chevy II known as Cornbread, and the Dominator Dodge Dart on hand for head-to-head, single elimination, dig racing action (flash light start) on the mean streets of Dallas-Fort Worth, Mexico.

We’d like to start by welcoming Kamikaze (496 cid with 6-stage nitrous setup) to street racing. He is taking on the Cornbread Chevy II (555 cid with a “little bit” of nitrous). The Kamikaze never gets hooked up and Cornbread drags him easily. Next, you have the Dominator locking horns with the Big Baller Coupe. There must be something happening with the left lane because the Dominator never gains traction (either) and Big Baller rolls away a winner. Then we have a no-name Plymouth Duster, with a blown (14-71) 511 cubic-inch HEMI lining up across from an S10 pickup powered by a 565 cubic-inch big block with a 350-shot of laughing gas. The mighty Mopar comes out of the hole strong but can’t hold the pavement and the S10 noses him out near the end. There’s tons more sick racing action, including the Murder Nova (Big Block Chevy engine with twin 88-millimeter turbochargers) vs the Mistress (Big Block Chevy engine with a pair of 94-millimeter turbos) in head-to-head action. Don’t let this one get by you.

NOTE: We neither condone nor encourage racing on public streets.

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