7-Second Mazda RX7

November 19th, 2016

7-second-mazda-rx7We all know that guys named Bacon are famous for getting footloose but Len Bacon took it to a whole different level during the Haltech World Cup Finals. His RX7 got hooked up coming out of the hole and showed the belly of the car to the whole wide world. Despite the wheel stands, Len and friends finished the weekend with a best 1/4-mile pass of 7.98-seconds @ 174 mph. That is even more impressive when you consider that the car is still running the factory independent rear suspension. As you can see, it takes a talented driver to get this beast from point A to point B without bending any sheet metal.

Len Bacon’s Mazda RX7 is equipped with a 13B rotary engine and a Bullseye 83-millimeter turbocharger. This setup is capable of producing 1,000hp and “toting the front” nearly an eighth-mile. If the Baconater Crew gets a four-link rear suspension, to go along with those beefy Mickey Thompsons, they have the makings of a genuine V8 killer right here. I look forward to seeing the development of this unique car (even if it does sound like a June-bug on steroids).

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