7-Second Mazda RX-7

October 14th, 2016

7-second-mazda-rx-7This little Mazda RX-7 coupe has got me green with envy! Like most of he gear heads that I know, I only dream of getting down into the 7-second realm. This green streak is no longer rotary powered. It has had a heart transplant. Now there is a 555-cubic inch big block Chevrolet engine, with a pair of Garrett 88-millimeter turbochargers, under the hood. This car looks great but it sounds even more amazing.

Enduring the experiences of Drag Week 2016, this team is hit with a hydraulic lifter issue that resulted in a new valve train, lifters, and camshaft. Later a clunk on the road led to differential problems and a new ring gear and pinion (in a parking lot). It’s all part of the process.

After treating the car to an engine upgrade (from last year), this small team posted some consistent mid-seven-second passes, including a 7.53-second pass @ 189 mph and a 7.76-second pass @ 193 mph. This is all accomplished while navigating a road trip that consisted of about 1,000-miles (with a trailer in tow) and four-drag strips in five-days. I can’t wait to see what this crew can do when they have the whole week to prepare for a single weekend of racing on one track.

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