3000HP Malibu Turns 4.0-Second Eighth-Mile @ 195 MPH

March 8th, 2016

3000HP Malibu Turns 4.0-Second Eighth-Mile @ 195 MPHThis ain’t no charity case but man it’s great to have friends. With no engine, no fuel injection, and no wiring harness, this team showed up at Lights Out 7 (in South Georgia) with low expectations. As a testimonial to what good friends and hard work can accomplish, this beast of a machine was ready to make its inaugural 1/8-mile pass less than 24-hours later.

This bad bowtie is rocking a 548-cubic-inch Nelson Racing engine, a pair of Garrett 98-millimeter turbochargers, and a Fuel Tech FT500 electronic fuel injection system. With all these consistent low-4-second passes, it’s only a matter of time before this crew dips into the 3s. Check out this very competitive racing action.

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