7-Second Grocery Getter – Worlds Quickest Wagon

November 7th, 2019

This ain’t your momma’s station wagon! This wild looking grocery getter blasts outta the hole and rolls through the quarter mile like funds through a gearhead’s bank account. It is fast.

Since 2004, Eric Kenward (Racing) has tried a multitude of different configurations in this G-Body Wagon. He’s finally settled on a big motor and big turbo setup and it’s working fabulously well for him. With passes in the low sevens, he has realistic aspirations that he might drop into the elusive sixes soon.

Typically, Eric is running a 400+ cubic-inch engine with an 88-millimeter Garrett turbocharger. Finding himself in a tight with the big motor, he has opted to go with a smaller engine from a previous build. This weekend (Haltech Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals) he’s running a 365 cubic-inch engine with the big Garrett. Output is estimated to be in the 2,000hp range.

Right off the trailer, Eric gets into a Mustang. He posts a run of 7.31-seconds @ 152 mph.

After that, several unimpressive passes before the wagon lines up against a late model Mustang. This time, Eric makes a 7.13-second pass @ 190.3 mph. That’s pretty fast.

From there it’s all 7.5-seconds and higher. There are some spectacular wheelies though.

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