1957 Chevy Wagon 8-Second Beast

January 11th, 2018

So, we caught up with Richie Crampton – NHRA Top Fuel Driver – during Hot Rod Drag Week. He allowed us to have a look at his unique 1957 Chevrolet Wagon (complete with a full tube 6.5 chrome-moly chassis and functional luggage rack) and told us a bit about the car. This car yields credence to the saying, “It ain’t how you look – it’s what you have under the hood.”

In a day when you are accustomed to seeing cars that have been skillfully painted so that they resemble a barn (or pasture) find; with a rusted and faded patina, this car has the actual blemishes (rust spots included) that come with time and abandonment. If you look a bit deeper, however, you will discover some new and shiny bits that help this shoebox Chevy to stroll through the quarter-mile in eight seconds (consistently) and embark on a 1,000-mile road trip.

The chassis is one of a race car and so is the powertrain. A 403 cubic-inch LS engine is at the heart of this monster. It is aided by a pair of Precision 6870 turbochargers and a Holley Dominator EFI setup. Aeromotive fuel pumps provide the fuel pressure and a BTE automatic transmission helps place the ponies on the pavement. The wheels are by Sander Engineering and they are wrapped in Hoosier rubber.

The car is awesome and the racing is top shelf but the highlight of these week-long races are the friendships forged along the way. If you have never been – try to get out and go. If you can’t go – watch a video – like this one right here.

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