2200HP TT Big Block Mazda RX7

May 12th, 2017

Do you like surprises? If you do, then you’ll love this tricked out Mazda RX7.

Never mind the awesome emerald green paint job. Sure, it looks great but the real treat is under the hood. It is full to the brim under there with a giant 555 cubic-inch Chevrolet big block and a pair of massive Garrett 88-millimeter turbochargers. Talk about a shocking revelation!

This car is capable of producing an estimated 2,200hp (the dyno can only register a maximum of 2,000hp). The green machine just hooks up and goes straight down the track – every time. It has posted a best eighth-mile pass of 4.64-seconds @ 162 mph and a best quarter-mile run of 7.29-seconds @ 190 mph. That is one quick Mazda.

This thing was tearing up the track during Street Car Takeover Orlando and there is some great racing action on this clip. There is a very close finals race between our featured Mazda and the Ricky Bobby multi-colored Mustang.

You really don’t want to miss this one!

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