2JZ Swapped Nissan 370Z – 248MPH Quarter-Mile

January 18th, 2020

This race car is called Blue Thunder, but what is it? Is it a Toyota? Is it a Nissan? Nobody knows! What we do know is that it is extremely fast.

About one year ago, Jorge Juarbe (and crew) built this wild import. Opting out of the Nissan motor and saying “heck no” to a big V8; Jorge instead selected a steady-ready 2JZ Toyota (Inline 6) mill for his Nissan 370z. After building the Toyota engine with the best internals available and bolting on a PRO-JAY Bully (billet) intake manifold, Jorge added a 106-millimeter Precision turbocharger.

This guy rolls off the trailer posting low 6-second passes (in the 235 mph) range and he’s mad. He wants a 5-second pass so bad that it hurts. What is this dude thinking? He may be number eight on the Quickest Sport Compacts list, but buddy needs to get a grip.

Well, shut my mouth! After several more 6-second passes, Jorge and crew irk out a 5.85-second pass @ 248.5 mph. That’s pretty amazing!

I can’t wait to see what these guys have left. If tonight is any indicator – Blue Thunder has a ceiling that is very high.

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