2JZ Toyota Corolla Drops Into the Fives

December 21st, 2017

I have to admit that when I think of a 5-second quarter-mile pass or trapping 240 mph, I ain’t really associating it with a Toyota Corolla.

The geniuses at Mech-Tech don’t suffer from my limited vision. These guys have taken an econo-box Toyota and transformed it into a three-quarter chassis drag car that is simply mind blowing.

An inline (3.2-liter) six-cylinder Toyota engine (2JZ) is the heart of this beast. It is built by Lazcano Racing Engines. A massive turbocharger is cramming copious amounts of air into the 2JZ and Jorge Juarbe acts as driver and (Microtech Tuners) tuner of this awe inspiring import.

This video takes us to the Haltech Import vs Domestic World Finals as the Mech-Tech team wades through the field in the Outlaw vs Extreme Class. Jorge and the Mech-Tech crew take on a Twin Turbo Mustang, a nitrous Camaro, and a 2JZ S2000 while posting a (personal best) 5.91-second pass @ 242 mph and winning the hearts of the crowd.

These guys love to race and have a ton of heart. You really can’t help but pull for them.

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