7-Second LS Swapped Nissan 240sx

April 12th, 2019

Featured in this video are Casey Rance and his Burnt Orange Nissan 240sx. Those in the street racing and No-Prep world are very familiar with Casey, but this is his first attempt at taking on the clock. Casey is quite a competitor and we can count on him to give it his all – regardless of the venue.

Under the hood, this Nissan is a Chevrolet LS (Texas Speed built) with four-bolt mains. It is force-fed copious amounts of air via a massive, front-mounted turbocharger. After winning his class tonight, Casey intends to drive this 240 all the way back home (3-hours).

It all kicks off with qualifying. Casey turns his initial pass on a quarter-mile with a 7.54-second elapsed time at 168.9 mph.

The sun goes down before the second round of qualifying and nets Casey a reduction in his elapsed time. This time he posts a pass of 7.34-seconds at 193.9 mph. That’s good enough for one of the top two spots.

After a bye run in the first round of eliminations, Casey is raring to roar through to the finals. Lots more drag racing action here.

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