8-Second Honda Swapped Toyota Tacoma

November 27th, 2018

By now it has been established that the Haltech World Cup Finals (Import vs. Domestic) draws some of the baddest and most unique rides in racing. The focus-vehicle vehicle for this clip is nothing if not capable and unique. Running in the eights, this street truck has to be considered among the upper echelon at any event. The Toyota chassis and Honda/domestic drivetrain certainly stand out from the crowd.

The vehicle is a 2003 Toyota Tacoma. It is equipped with a Honda K24 engine. Nearly stock, the Honda bottom end is gently massaged with Manley connecting rods and JE Pistons. Cylinder head modification is limited to aftermarket valves and retainers and the turbocharger is a Precision 6266. Hondata is being used to keep all the ponies running in the same direction. Fuel (e85) is supplied via FID (Fuel Injector Development) injectors and a Weldon pump. The transmission is a Powerglide and it is running a Ford 9-inch rear end. Talk about a hybrid!

The Tacoma crew manages a pass of 8.17-seconds @ 160 mph and 8.12-seconds @ 162 mph before hopping down the track in the Final round. Can you win with a bunny-hop quarter mile? Have a look and see.

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