225 MPH Calvo Motorsports Viper

April 25th, 2018

Greetings racing fans and welcome to the WannaGoFast standing half-mile. Allow me to introduce to you Antonio Calvo; owner of Calvo Motorsports and the General Lee. The General is the second fastest Gen V Dodge Viper on the planet.

Both of our featured cars are products of Calvo Motorsports from Austin, Texas. The General Lee has been treated to a CM3000 Package; that includes a cloak-and-dagger engine (8.4-liter V10) build and a pair of 84-millimeter turbochargers. Fuel is sprayed through Injector Dynamics dual (1,000cc primary, 1,700cc secondary) fuel injectors (2-per cylinder) being fed by a custom fuel delivery system that uses multiple pumps. Power is transferred to the pavement via a PPG sequential transmission (Tilton Engineering clutch) and a custom 9-inch billet rear differential. This car manages to lay down a 221 mph pass during testing and finishes with a best top-speed of 225 mph for the weekend.

Both these cars are highly streetable with air conditioning, power steering, power windows and satellite radio. The white Viper (a client’s car) is even running stock wheels and tires. It makes a best pass of 221 mph for the weekend.

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