NA Viper Incinerates the Interstate

October 9th, 2017

Who says you have to have a power adder to win on the street? Everybody has got them these days. Turbochargers, superchargers, and nitrous – some racers even stack them just for good measure. I love them (and run them myself) but are they a must have?

What happens when a good old boy decides to go with a whole mountain of naturally aspirated (NA) cubic inches in a high performance street beast? In this case, they call it SneakySnake. It’s an unassuming Dodge Viper (as unassuming as a Viper can be) and it is out to prove a point on the interstate (of Mexico), tonight!

The action is of the roll racing variety and there is no shortage of elite class competition. The big three (Chrysler, Ford, and GM) are well represented here. There are even some motorcycles and imports (a Nissan GT-R) that help themselves to the action. Take a look.

SneakySnake (intake and exhaust manifolds upgraded and a high performance tune installed) pretty much has its way with the field (with the possible exception of a 745hp Corvette). I appreciate the way he grants rematches and then whips the competition again.

Wanna know if a Challenger Hellcat can beat an NA Viper in a roll race? This clip will answer that question for you.

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