No Replacement for Displacement – Turbo Viper GTS

August 25th, 2017

Greetings roll racing fans! Please accompany us as we take a trip down south of the border (Mexico) for some street rolls.

In an effort to prove that there truly is no replacement for displacement, a Dodge Viper (with its massive 8.4-liter mill) will take on a twin turbocharged Porsche 997 Turbo and a Ford Mustang with a Coyote engine and a Whipple supercharger.

The action is of the roll racing variety. There are multiple passes at various speeds with some great camera angles. The footage is dramatic and the audio is truly amazing. These cars are skillfully modified and they sound great.

The Dodge Viper featured in this clip is actually a twin turbo car with all the bells and whistles. The already potent V10 engine has been professionally built to handle the extra boost pressure. Big turbo cars are excellent for roll racing because you have plenty of time to spool up the turbos while you come up to starting speed.

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