1967 Ford Fairlane Twin Turbo Coyote

May 15th, 2019

Greetings racing fans and welcome to Street Car Takeover, coming to you from Bristol Dragway in Bristol, TN. Featured in the Small Tire Street Racer Class is this pristine ’67 Ford Fairlane with a modular engine and a pair of power adders.

At 3,800-pounds, the car is a complete street beast – make no mistake about that. It is rocking a late model Coyote engine with some billet valve covers that make heads turn. There are also a pair of turbochargers churning away under the hood. The tidy combination is good for getting this sexy hunk of American muscle down the quarter-mile in the low eights at around 175 mph.

First round action begins with the Fairlane against a WS6 Trans Am. Pontiac comes out of the hole and goes hard left. By the time he gathers it – it’s over – Fairlane FTW!

Round two is already semi-finals and the Fairlane draws a capable late model Corvette. The Corvette comes out of the hole and knocks the tires off. He never gets hooked up from there. The Fairlane posts an elapsed time of 8.01-seconds @ 176 mph. Pretty impressive!

It’s on to the Finals and a rematch from testing. The Fairlane gets gapped hard by a Nissan GT-R that runs consistent sevens. Oh well, better luck next time.

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