Turbo Fox Body – 7-Second Small Tire Monster

August 17th, 2018

Welcome drag racing fans to the Street Car Takeover, Denver. Some of the baddest drag racers in the U.S. have braved the high altitude and battled the mountains to come together in this contest of traction and power.

Our feature car for this clip is a Fox Body Ford Mustang competing in the Street Car Class and the Small Tire Class. Under the hood is a 540 cubic-inch Big Block Chevy with ASR cylinder heads and a Precision PT118 turbocharger (118-millimeter). Power is estimated to be in the 1,600hp range and the car posted a 7.94-second elapsed time @ 182.43 mph in the Street Car semi-final. It’s fast!

The bye run during round one of Street Racer made one think that track conditions were less than perfect (in the left lane) when the Mustang got a bit squirrely near the half-way mark. By the semi-finals, things were getting less treacherous and some of the days best passes were recorded. Street Racer Class finals has our Mustang squaring-off against a ‘70s Nova with a turbo. Nova jumped the light for the DQ. Nobody likes to win like that but…

Round one of Small Tire saw an orange Supra toss its exhaust pipe coming out of the hole and yield to the Ford FTW. Small Tire round two pits a pair of Fox Body Mustangs against each other. The left lane proves hazardous again and our feature car sails to victory in the right.

Ditto. Fancy-looking Fox Body in the left lane took too much power out. Feature car FTW in the right lane.

Small Tire Final has the Ford against a bad looking blown ‘Vette. The Chevy bows down to some mechanical issue (I think) and our feature car wins both classes. Congratulations guys (and gals).

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