Twin Turbo HEMI 300 Street Hits

December 4th, 2017

Welcome aboard Mopar Airways Flight 160 (mph that is). Place your luggage in the overhead storage bins and buckle your safety belts. You are about to be treated to some low altitude passes in a Chrysler 300C luxury liner.

The Texas (Mexico) streets are hot tonight and this Chrysler sedan is a big reason why. It is trolling for some roll racing action and finding it in droves.

This Chrysler 300C has been treated to an engine upgrade. The new mill is a 404 cubic-inch stroker HEMI. It has a pair of bottom-mounted Precision 6766 turbochargers that are being water cooled. Boost is running at approximately 25 psi and traction is very hard to come by.

Right out of the gate, the Chrysler (camera car) gets eaten up by a twin turbocharged Mustang. Not making any excuses but the Chrysler was spinning tires badly at this point. It is also a much larger and heavier car than the Ford. Like they say, “it is what it is”.

After that, there is some three-wide roll racing action with a turbocharged Camaro and a 2JZ swapped Honda S2000 (who knows what’s going on under the hood of this bumble bee – but it’s fast). There’s also a street bike that rolls up to get a piece of the fun.

The 300 holds its own against the turbo Camaro, for the most part. The other competitors were a bit advanced for this big ol’ grandma car.

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