Twin Turbo 7-Liter Camaro Wins 2016 Hot Rod Drag Week

September 28th, 2016

twin-turbo-7-liter-camaro-wins-2016-hot-rod-drag-week-01Check out this clip of Clark Rosenstengel and his GenV Camaro. He lays down a 7.80 1/4-mile pass at 170 mph in a car that still has factory air conditioning. If that isn’t enough to prove this is a true street machine, it is also riding on radial tires (Mickey Thompsons).

One might conclude that, with a Steve Morris built 427 cubic-inch LSX (that means Chevrolet) engine and a pair of sparkling stainless-steel Bullseye 80-millimeter turbochargers, this grueling week long event (Hot Rod Drag Week) would be a cake walk. Not so much; you see, Clark and the gang had to endure a cracked cylinder head (and all that entails) late on Day 3. This little glitch slowed the Camaro by nearly 3/4-of-a-second per pass (on Day 4) and nearly cost them the trophy. Mad respect to Steve Morris Engines for bringing a cylinder head out to the track and helping the crew replace the cracked one before the final day of racing. On Day 5 the crew put all their marbles into play, got the car back down into the 7s, and saved their winning average to claim the Super Street Small Block Power Adder Class crown. That’s two consecutive years winning the class for Bullseye Turbo – congratulations guys and thanks for providing us with a quality product.

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