Drag Week 2016 – Aussie Invasion

September 14th, 2016

drag-week-2016-aussie-invasion-01It’s time for one of the biggest amateur drag racing events in the USA and the Australian teams are here is force. Hot Rod Drag Week is going strong in the Midwest and the 2016 field consists of nearly 350 entrants, including a barrage of hard-charging Australian lads and lassies, looking to test their skills and have a lot of fun.

Drag Week events mean racing on four tracks in five days accompanied by a road trip of about a thousand miles. The catch is that the drag cars must be driven between racetrack destinations. That’s a lot of wear and tear on these cars and teams. Let’s take a look at the Aussies, who had to come all the long way from down-under in addition to the Drag Week journey.

You don’t want to miss John Faraone’s Dodge Charger. It looks amazing and runs like a scalded dog. Under the bonnet it has a 572 cubic-inch big-block Chrysler mill (HEMI?) with a solid roller camshaft, Predator cylinder heads, and a pair of 88-millimeter Garrett GTX turbochargers. John has run a 7.43-second 1/4-mile pass at 197 mph. Then we’ve got Harry’s Chevelle. Harry’s strategy is to throw your turbos up in the air like you just don’t care – but I digress. The Chevelle ain’t much to look at but it has a monster Chevy big block and a pair of massive turbos (as anyone can see). Lot’s more Aussie teams and tons more great looking and running cars to see in this one.

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