Street Hits – McLaren 570S, 2020 Mustang GT500 and Porsche 997

September 28th, 2020

Greetings racing fans and speed aficionados of every tribe. Tonight, we are taking it to the streets for some elite roll racing action. These street hits will be taking place on the highways of Mexico and some of the most capable roll racers imaginable have shown up. There is a Mclaren 570S, an 800hp C7 Corvette, a supercharged ZL1 Camaro, a Porsche 997, a supercharged Jeep Trackhawk, a Lamborghini Huracan, a Nissan GTR, an 845hp Cadillac CTS-V and a Fox Body Mustang with a 7.0-liter LSx (Chevy) motor and nitrous.

The cameraman starts the evening in a ProCharged Mustang GT350 before switching to an 850hp Mustang GT500 and eventually a Fox Body.

In the first contest – a three-wide affair – the GT350 takes on the C7 and the Camaro. Both Chevrolets leave the GT350 behind in multiple passes. The Camaro gets the best of the Corvette in two of three passes.

The second race is between the 570S and the Nitrous Fox Body Mustang. In the first hit, the McLaren jumps out hard, but the Mustang drives around him for the win. The second hit has the Fox Body getting the jump and never looking back.

Next up is another triple-header featuring the GTR, the Fox Body and the Huracan. The Mustang broke the rear end and the Lamborghini broke everyone else’s hearts.

Check it out.

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