McLaren 570S Street Hits – ZR1, Mustang, Hellcat

June 5th, 2019

Summer’s here and the time is right for racing in the streets (of Mexico). You don’t see many McLarens on the street racing (roll or dig) scene in my neck of the woods. Nevertheless, this cat is out there trolling the highways for potential victims. Problem is, that this British bombshell might just let his alligator persona overload his jaybird capabilities. This murderer’s row of homegrown hooligans is no joke.

We have an LSx powered Corvette with an F1X ProCharger claiming 850hp.

There are a pair of ‘Vette entries of the ZR1 variety. Both have cylinder head and camshaft upgrades. Both are claiming 850hp.

Next, we have a D1X ProCharged Ford Mustang.

This group hits the streets to prove that the ProCharged Corvette was superior, after multiple matchups. Great roll racing.

Our second group consists of a nitrous Corvette, a twin turbo Corvette, and a Paxton (supercharged) Mustang.

These three roll out to prove the nitrous Corvette is fastest.

Time to add new competitors to the mix. Here comes the McLaren, more Mustangs, more Corvettes and even a Dodge Charger Hellcat.

Who is the baddest of the bad? Check the footage to find out.

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