Second Chance Racing – Motivational Drags

August 2nd, 2018

If this one don’t get you fired up – your wood must be wet!

Tanner is an inspiration to me and I believe he will have a similar effect on other racers and non-racers as well. Approximately one-year ago Tanner was involved in an accident while riding his motorcycle. The bike collided with a car and Tanner was badly injured. He lost a portion of both legs and had a severe spinal injury (among other things) that prompted doctors to predict that he would never walk again and he most surely would never drive.

The best that the medical profession can provide failed to take into account Tanner’s pitbull tenacity and undying competitive spirit. After numerous major surgeries, Tanner began self-administered physical therapy even before leaving the hospital.

The result? Well, part of it is what you see here. Not only is Tanner walking some but he can drive and race. How about a 9.59-second pass @ 140 mph? Not too bad. He can drive a stick shift and drift, too! Oh, don’t forget that Second Chance Racing was born.

The Nissan GT-R (R35) has been modified and is currently making 750hp.

As a side note: I have mad respect for Tanner’s wife who has stuck by him. She was his girlfriend at the time of the accident. Definitely a good girl. Beautiful, too!

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