Superbrawl of Street Racing – GT-R vs. Roush Panda

April 13th, 2018

This is the granddaddy of all roll racing videos. If you enjoy taking to the interstate (Mexico) with a whole herd of elite level street racers; you’ll love this video.

There are so many street beasts in this clip that they had to hit the streets in groups.

After a brief driver’s meeting the first pack went out.  

The initial wave included a black Gen VI Shelby GT500 Mustang. It is running a professionally built engine with high performance cylinder heads and a camshaft upgrade, a Kenne Belle 3.2-liter supercharger, and E85 fuel. The combo is good for 800+hp.

There is also a white (black hood) Gen IV Mustang that has undergone a LS (5.3-liter) swap and a 72-millimeter turbocharger has been added.

There’s a white Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a couple kits of nitrous (power is estimated at 1,000hp) and a red (black stripe) Hellcat with full bolt-ons.

Also included was a red 750hp Camaro LT1.

First up were the two Hellcats. As expected, the nitrous car easily gapped the red car with the black sport stripe. Next was the Camaro versus the red Hellcat. There are multiple passes of this one and it appears that the Hellcat took both, narrowly.

Now, the red Hellcat tangles with the black Mustang. The Mustang claims over 800hp but somebody needs to tell the Hellcat. Hellcat FTW.

The older Mustang draws the red Hellcat for the next pull of this flight. LS Mustang gets owned.

In the final hit of this flight, the red Hellcat gets toasted by a 1,000+hp Nissan GT-R in Burnt Orange.

The next group of cars includes a beautiful blue Corvette Z06 (750hp) with a built 416 cubic-inch engine and a stock (Lingenfelter) supercharger with a methanol injection; running E85 and a blue Mustang (700hp) with a Roush blower and a pulley upgrade. There’s a beast of an orange Corvette (680hp) with a (solid roller cam) 440 cubic-inch engine and a 1,000hp twin turbo Gen IV Camaro. The cameraman get to roll in  BMW M6 (700hp) with heated seats.

Long story short – there are a ton of cars in this video and there are motorcycles darting in and out like chickens. You don’t want to miss this video if you like roll racing.

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