S2S Tesla Swapped C10 Squarebody Hits the Street

November 13th, 2021

The crew at Salvage to Salvage (S2S) is taking their show on the road. For months these guys (and gals) have been crafting a one-off creation known as the Tesla Swapped C10. This video documents the trucks maiden voyage as S2S honcho Mikey Rolls takes us on a virtual ride-along in this all-electric powerhouse. Buckle up!

As you might have guessed, a build of this enormity requires many hours of custom fabrication. It will be powered by a pair of Tesla electric motors – one in the front and a second one in the rear. The rear motor is mounted in the original Tesla independent rear suspension (IRS) configuration. The large electric motor and transaxle are arranged in an assembly and bolted to the Tesla IRS which will become part of the rear suspension of the C10. The motor used in the front will be custom fitted to a Corvette C6 independent front suspension (IFS) member, and outfitted with aftermarket suspension components, before being hung in the chassis of the C10. When all is fabricated and welded, the unique powertrain should yield blinding acceleration with almost perfect weight distribution.

Today, we will see how all their hard work turns out when Mikey takes it to the streets for some burnouts, etc.

After that, these gearheads are on their way to Las Vegas for SEMA 2021 where the Tesla Swapped C10 will be joined by another S2S creation – a twin turbo DeLorean. This is going to be good!

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