Dueling Datsuns – LS Swapped Imports Big Money Street Race

March 4th, 2021

Tonight, we are coming at you from the Compton Speedway in historic Mexico. We have a pair of LS (Chevy) swapped imports ready to tear up the asphalt for a cash pot of $5,200. Both these cars hail from the Datsun lineage. The Z-Car was created a Datsun and the 240Sx was manufactured by Nissan (the modern name for Datsun). Let’s see what happens when these two serious street machines throw down in this notorious street racing venue.

Sleek and lean, the Z-Car has long been a target of street racers looking to dump a big domestic engine in an affordable import chassis. Since the Z-Car is rear-wheel drive, it makes it a great candidate for such a modification.

Likewise, the 240Sx was originally a rear-wheel drive car. Being lighter than the Z-Car, it may be an even better candidate for a big motor swap.

Both these cars are running built V8 motors with the aid of nitrous.

With the Z-Car in the right lane, both cars cut the light with precision. They come out of the hole violently before the Z-Car starts getting some rear wheel hop. After that, the 240Sx pulls away and gaps him by about a bus-length.

It’s all over but the crying and counting from there. Have a look for yourself.

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