Rimac Concept One Takes down the LaFerrari and Tesla in a Drag Race

August 16th, 2016


If you’r still on the fence about the future of electric cars in the sports and exotic car arena take a look at the video below.  The 1,000 HP, $1M Rimac Concept one all electric supercar takes down the Tesla Model S P90D as well as the Ferrari LaFerrai hybrid hyper car.

The Rimac Concept One is powered by a 82 Kw/h battery along with four electric motors, one at each wheel.  The front motors are using a single-ratio gearbox while the rear motors each have their own two-speed dual carbon clutch gearbox.


Full Article: http://www.rimac-automobili.com/en/press/releases/concept_one-vs-tesla-p90d-vs-laferrari/

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