NoFlyZone – 189 MPH Supra

June 26th, 2017

This super clean Toyota Supra is 10-years in the making. It is running an 8685 Precision Billet wheel turbocharger (35 – 55 psi) and a baby nitrous kit. The engine is an Accelerated Performance built 3.4-liter 2JZ GTE inline 6-cylinder Toyota and the tires are 15-inch (street radials). What a combination!

The Alllday Supra puts down 1,500hp at the wheels under maximum boost and – did I mention that it is clean, Gene?

It was pretty obvious that traction was going to be a problem on this day at Rantoul Aviation center but this was one determined Supra owner. He really wanted that 200 mph badge. There was also a nasty headwind but that’s racing in the Midwest.

This racer does things slightly different than most. He wanted to hit 200 mph in the true half-mile. So, instead of getting a good roll, he pulled up to the start line and stopped. After coming to a complete halt, he took off and tried to surpass 200 mph.

Unfortunately, he failed to reach his top-speed goal but 189 mph in the standing half-mile isn’t too shabby. It’s really nothing to sneeze at under these circumstances.

Check it out; it’s a good video and a great car.

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