LSCalade – World’s Fastest Escalade

June 15th, 2019

Greetings drag racers and speed aficionados of every ilk! Say hello to Mitchell and the LSCalade. Billed as the fastest Cadillac Escalade in the World, this mammoth-sized SUV is luxurious and all-wheel drive.

Four big racing slicks, wrapped around a set of forged Weld Racing wheels, are your first clue that this big SUV might be packing some extra ponies under the hood. Sure enough, we found a 7.0-liter Dart Racing engine with a Dart billet crankshaft, Carillo connecting rods and Carillo pistons. Forced air induction is carried out via a pair of Precision 76-millimeter turbochargers. Woolf Aircraft tubing and Precision wastegates complete the turbo package which looks very squared-away.

The maiden pass down the track (roll race) nets some useful data as the truck goes 133 mph despite popping and sputtering the entire length of the track.

In the first ever drag racing pass, Mitchell manages a 10.32-second ET @ 132 mph. Still sputtering but not too shabby!

From there, it’s out to the parking lot and a portable dyno. What do you think this combination can do? 1,200hp? 1,350? 1,400? Take a gander and find out.

Next, take it to the street for some POV action. Climb in, buckle up and hold onto your hat!

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