World’s Fastest Cadillac

March 28th, 2017

What does one do when the factory supercharged 565hp engine just isn’t tickling his (or her) fancy anymore? One bolts on a monstrous 106-millimeter turbocharger (with all the trimmings) and triples one’s horsepower rating is what one does!

Such is the case with what is being touted as the fastest Cadillac on the planet. This car is rolling out with a Pro Speed prepared (turbocharger, intercooler, tuning) 400 cubic-inch LSX engine.

The car is capable of producing more than 2,000hp and is running in the low sevens despite this being its maiden voyage (so to speak) with all the new parts. This is a race proven crew that will undoubtedly get this Caddy dialed in and dip down into the sixes.

There is also a segment on the Unicorn Corvette on this clip. If you have missed this awesome machine, you should check it out. It’s amazing!

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