King of NO PREP – Chevy S10

December 15th, 2017

Greetings drag racing enthusiasts! Allow me to introduce the King of NO PREP racing, Larry Larson and his beast of a compact pickup truck.

Larry has attacked the grueling affair known as Rocky Mountain Race Week on eleven separate occasions and has never failed to complete what is possibly the most challenging test of endurance (for man and machine) in racing.

Rocky Mountain Race Week consists of five days of NO PREP drag racing at four separate drag strips. It begins in Kearney, Nebraska then moves to Denver, Colorado. From Denver to Pueblo, Colorado. From Pueblo it’s over to Great Bend, Kansas on the way back to Kearney for the final day of racing and the awards ceremony. It’s over 1,000-miles of highway driving in a drag car (or truck).

Larry makes the trip in his tricked out Chevrolet S10 pickup. Under the hood you will find a 620 cubic-inch Pro Line Racing engine with a pair of 98-millimeter Precision turbochargers. This combination is good foe the occasional 5-second pass and some really consistent (low) 6-second passes. It is plum quick!

Check it out.

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