Gen VI Paxton Mustang 5.0 vs. C7 Corvette Z06

October 27th, 2021

This battle between Ford and Chevy began in the 1960s and it continues to rage red hot on street and strip. Mustang owners had rather race a Camaro owner or a Corvette owner than any other. This street battle is unique in that it features a modified Mustang and a nearly stock Corvette. Overall, it shakes out pretty evenly. The Corvette Z06 is supercharged from the factory and the Mustang 5.0 is a naturally aspirated car. Adding a Paxton blower to the Ford gives it a fighting chance.

The ‘Vette is not completely stock. It has been upgraded with a high-performance intake manifold and a set of exhaust headers. This Chevy has also been tuned and is running E85 fuel. The Corvette weighs in at 3,499-pounds and uses an automatic transmission.

The Mustang 5.0 is running a V8 engine with a Paxton supercharger and a full accoutrement of bolt-ons. It has been tuned and has undergone a weight reduction process. The transmission is a 10-speed automatic.

On the agenda for today are four roll racing hits. The weather is sunny, and the competition is fierce. Enjoy.

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