Fastest Cadillac in the West

November 30th, 2018

This video is an instructional effort to demonstrate making a street car fast. Big Chief at Midwest Street Cars has taken this car deep into the nines while maintaining luxurious comfort and daily driver functionality. Despite the ability to “tote the front” way down the track and post quarter-mile passes in the 9-second range at 150 mph, this Caddy maintains a full camera backup system, a deluxe audio system, air conditioning, navigation, and it’ll still go a 1.38-second 60-foot with the front wheels in the air.

If you have a Cadillac CTS-V that you want to make faster, you might ought to take notes. BC seems in a giving mood for this clip and he is sharing all the secrets that have made Cadillac Jack(ie) so successful.

Pulley upgrades, an open muffler (and other exhaust components from Stainless Works), and an intake manifold upgrade are among the top modifications. There’s also a kit of nitrous with a gradual controller, custom adjustable shocks on all four corners, and a major wheel and tire enhancement. This is a stock car that is very quick, and purpose built for drag racing. Look out for him – or her – on the streets of OKC.

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