1700hp Cadillac CTS-V – World’s Fastest

February 28th, 2018

No, this ain’t another episode of the “Beverly Hillbillies”. It’s Street Car Takeover Atlanta from beautiful Commerce, Georgia (approximately 50-miles northeast of the A-T-L). It only looks like the Clampetts because it opens up with a gang of rednecks (Hot Rod Dynamics) piling out of a four-door Cadillac.

We quickly discover that this is not your average Cadillac and not just a bunch of hillbillies. This car is one of the baddest sedans that we have ever seen and the current world record holder (Cadillac CTS-V) in the quarter-mile (7.65-seconds @ 179 mph). Today, this crew will attempt to supercede that mark.

Despite the power windows and leather upholstery, this Caddy is well heeled for racing action. Under the hood you will find a 7.0-liter Lynchmob Racing engine with a pair of Precision 7675 turbochargers. It has a Powerglide transmission and a Ford 9-inch rear differential. As you can see on the video, the car is capable of producing 1,700hp to the rear-wheels.

Competing in multiple classes, the powerful CTS-V proves to be a skilled multi-tasker; winning them both. Putting sweet icing on the cake, they run a final pass of 7.62-seconds @ 182.2 mph and reset the CTS-V World Record. Great car and a great video.

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