Corvette ZR1 – Lambo Killer

December 15th, 2017

Colton from 714 Racing showed up at the Texas Invitational to represent his home state of California. Colton came to chew bubble gum and kick butt. It was after he had already arrived in the Lone Star state that he realized he was all out of bubble gum. So…

A relatively young dude, Colton has an old school philosophy for achieving top speed. He is not one to throw aftermarket gizmos at this C6, opting instead to roll up his sleeves and remove some metal from the supercharger, intake, and cylinder heads. That’s right – he claims that precision porting and polishing are behind the massive horsepower gains of his beloved ZR1. Well, that and a 200hp kit of laughing gas (nitrous). The factory supercharged ZR1 is now capable of producing 850whp without nitrous and 1,000whp with. Can’t argue with that.

Like most racers, Colton has a running feud with one of his buddies who drives a Nissan Gt-R. That explains the custom (SMD GT-R) license plate.

He may need a Lamborghini plate after this day of half-mile racing.

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