1100HP Nitrous Corvette ZR1 Terrorizes Florida Streets

October 23rd, 2019

This video documents a night of street racing on the Florida (Mexico) highways. The feature car is a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 (supercharged LS9) with a 200hp shot of nitrous. The ‘Vette has also undergone an upgrade to the cylinder heads and camshaft. This is a very bad girl.

Tonight, she will face twin turbo Mustangs, another supercharged Corvette, a Toyota Supra with a big turbo and a modified Nissan GT-R.

First up are the nitrous Corvette and the Supra. They roll out and the Toyota gets the jump. The ‘Vette spins the tires and lets off. As they realign, a turbo Mustang and a second Corvette join in. The nitrous Corvette pulls away from the quartet, but the Supra is right on her bumper.

Up next are a twin turbo Mustang and a 1000hp GT-R. Nissan takes the jump and never looks back.

The 1100hp Corvette takes on a gray TT Mustang next. The ‘Vette will nix the nitrous this time. After the Chevy takes the initial jump, the Ford drives around him FTW.

After a short break and a discussion about the quad race, the nitrous ZR1 and the Supra decide to have another go at it.

Check out the video for this race and a ton of other roll racing action from the streets.

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