AMS and Gidi Part Company

February 23rd, 2018

After more than five-years with AMS Performance, Gidi Chamdi has opted to go in a different direction with his record-breaking R35 Alpha G Nissan GT-R. AMS and Gidi part ways on good terms and remain friendly towards one-another.

You will recall that the Alpha G car was the first GT-R to bust the 6-second barrier in the quarter-mile. At the time, 6.93-seconds was a world record but that has recently been eclipsed by the Alpha Logic Team (Dubai) with an elapsed time of 6.85-seconds @ 212 mph. Of course, every time that this car is unloaded, it is anticipated that a world record will fall.

Question is: Where will Gidi take the Alpha G for support in the upcoming season? Wherever he lands, I am certain that more record breaking passes are in his future.

I am less concerned about that and more concerned with the racing action captured on this clip.

This video is special because it brings three elite-level R35 GT-R world record contenders together in one place (GT-R World Cup Palm Beach, Florida). They are clashing in the Eliminator Class but drag racing at this level is really a race against yourself.

In addition to Gidi and the Alpha G, on hand are Tony Palos with his T1 Race Development car, and Asier Torres and his violently fast Nissan.

With these three teams in attendance, this is bound to be a very interesting event. Check it out.

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