8-Second LS Swapped Lexus

March 2nd, 2018

Competing in the True Street Class, this Lexus IS 300 takes the term Performance Compact Sedan in a whole new direction.

Noticeably absent is the factory 6-cylinder engine. A big old (5.3-liter) Chevrolet LS V8 (all-aluminum) engine has taken its place. Also present is a massive Garrett (88-millimeter) turbocharger with minimal piping and accessories. Shifting duties are handled via a powerglide transmission.

The crew from Dedicated Motorsports (Round Rock, Texas) has worked tirelessly to get this crazy creation to hook up and blast through the trap in a semi-straight line. They have showed up at Street Car Takeover Oklahoma with one goal in mind – win!

Round One delivers a killer Barracuda to take on the Lexus. If this car runs as good as it looks; it may be a short day. It does run well but the IS edges him out by several car lengths and cruises to the victory.

Frankly, Round Two proves to be anticlimactic as the Lexus jumps the tree and gets the DQ. Oh well, there’s always next week.

I can’t wait to see this new build when the Dedicated crew works some of the bugs out.

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