Lexus LFA Dyno and Drag Racing Results

May 11th, 2010

Motor Trend got some time to benchmark a pre-production 2012 Lexus LFA by putting it on the dyno and running it heads-up against it’s only Japanese competitor, the Nissan GT-R.    On K&N’s DynoJet, the Lexus LFA’s Dyno results were 430.3 horsepower and 283.07 ft-lbs of torque to the rear wheels.   These numbers seem quite low since Lexus claims the LFA is putting out 552 HP, which means the LFA would have a 21% drivetrain loss.   On the same dyno, the Nissan GT-R put down 382 horsepower, which we know is quite low compared to many other GT-R dyno results we’ve seen where they put down 420HP to the wheels.    It seems the K&N dyno is a bit on the conservative side.

They also ran the Lexus LFA in a heads up drag race against the Nissan GT-R, while the Nissan GT-R pulled ahead from the start using it’s all wheel drive and launch control, the Lexus LFA slowly crept up and barely passed the Nissan at the end of the 1/4 mile.  The Lexus LFA ran 11.81 @ 123.7 MPH while the Nissan GT-R ran 11.91 @ 120.1 MPH, a very close race as shown in the video, where the LFA is less than 1 car length ahead of the GT-R at the finish.  The higher trap speed for the Lexus LFA clearly shows an advantage at higher speeds and that it would likely continue to pull away from the GT-R on the way to it’s 200+ MPH top speed.

They also noted that the Lexus LFA’s single clutch automated transmission currently has no launch control feature,  feels slow and clunky compared to the Nissan GT-R’s more advanced dual clutch transmission and that the LFA would lose ground to the GT-R each time it had to shift.  For the Lexus LFA’s $375k price tag, we and most everyone else would expect a lot more.  The Lexus LFA is obscenely overpriced given the long list of worthy competitors at or well below it’s $375k price tag.  Click on the links below to view the pictures, dyno results and video.

2012 Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Dyno Results

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