2500HP AMC Puts Down 6.78-Second Quarter-Mile Pass @ 210 MPH

October 27th, 2015

2500HP AMC Puts Down 6.78-Second Quarter-Mile Pass @ 210 MPHIn a virtual sea of awe inspiring automobiles, this nasty AMC Javelin (owned and operated by Bryant Goldstone) really stands out. The five-days of Drag Week 2015 is a brutal proving ground for any drag racer but this 2,500hp behemoth averaged 6-second passes over the entire five-days of racing on four separate tracks – that’s pretty amazing.

Campaigning in the Ultimate Iron Class, this American classic is well equipped with a 572-cubic-inch Ultra-Tech Racing engine and a pair of Precision 88-millimeter turbochargers. This clip depicts the mighty Mopar in some stunning heads-up dig racing. The first pass nets a 6.98-second 1/4-mile pass at 208 mph (which also wound up being Bryant’s weekly average). His best pass of the week was a 6.78-second pass at 210 mph. This is one bad ride. Bryant makes 6-second passes look easy.

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