$20K Street Outlaw Drag Race

September 2nd, 2015

$20K Street Outlaw Drag Race 01Check out The Grow, a Pontiac Le Mans with a pair of massive turbochargers. You might recognize Chief from Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws. Today he is campaigning the big Pontiac against some pretty stout competition in the Armageddon No Prep Invitational. That means no timers and no lights. He blows away the Murder Nova, the Mistress (also a Nova), Doc Monte, and John Doe on the way to the $20,000 grand prize.

The Grow features a Butler Performance Kit that includes everything from the oil pan to the intake manifold and you can get it all for $12k. In this package you’ll get a 482-cubic-inch Pontiac block (not a Chevrolet hybrid but a true Pontiac), and Edelbrock Performer aluminum cylinder heads, among the laundry list of quality components.  Chief added twin 88-millimeter turbochargers, a dual injector setup (two-fuel injectors per cylinder – one pumps 225psi and the other 550psi!), and an Aeromotive belt-driven fuel pump that is totally outlandish. All that extra fuel is necessary when you are running 50psi of boost through a Poncho.

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