Outlaw Street Car Reunion 2 Memphis Madness

April 16th, 2015

mustangThe Outlaw Street Car Reunion 2 X275 Eliminations from the Memphis International Raceway yielded this awesome clip that includes representatives of virtually every domestic auto manufacturer in head-to-head action.

Instead of the Outlaw Street Car Reunion, this looks more like the Mustang Fox Body reunion. There must have been 20-high quality Fox bodies in attendance at this 1/8-mile event. Of course, there are also some fast moving Chevrolets from various eras, as well. There is even a fantastic looking Burnt Orange Mopar in the form of a late model retro-Challenger. It posts a 4.67-second pass at 155.79 mph.

Most of these X275 cars run in the mid-to-high-four-second range but as night falls, a Mustang gets hooked-up and crashes the contest with a 4.49-second pass at 159.66 mph.