2017 Ford GT Coming Soon! – Congratulations Email Received from Ford on Allocation

July 28th, 2016


The applications to purchase the all new 2017 Ford GT were due just under 3 months ago and Ford has started notifying the chosen ones about the next steps for purchainsg the new Ford GT.  Congratulation emails started going out yesterday around 8PM EST as was first reported on the FordGTForum by member DBK and 6 minutes later I received the email with the great news.

A 2nd wave of emails went out later on that evening notifying some applicants that they were on the priority wait list and a 3rd wave went out thanking those for applying but deferring them to later opportunities.  If you applied and didn’t get one you can always pickup a 2005-2006 Ford GT over at DuPont Registry.

Along with the notification email came a set of documents that needs to be notarized and returned to Ford within 10 days.  Ford is also asking potential buyers to give them an idea about the spec they might choose to plan for the upcoming production schedule.

Needless to say we’re thrilled to have been selected for this rare opportunity to own a piece of Ford history as well has thoroughly explore the new Ford GT’s capabilities while documenting everything on the DragTimes blog and YouTube channel.

Below is a quick video going over the notification and some big choices to make with regard the color options and specs, thanks Ford!


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