The new Ford GT is HERE! 2018 Ford GT Delivery at AutoNation Ford Miami

May 10th, 2018

It’s been 2 years since we received our notification from Ford that we had been accepted into the very limited group of people that were chosen to purchase the latest generation for Ford’s super car, the Ford GT.  The purchase process was quite the experience which has been curated by a special team of Ford GT experts known as the Ford GT Concierge.

With our original order date set for May 2017 we sold our McLaren 650S Spyder to make room for the new GT and shortly after we were notified of a 6 month delay.  While this was a setback it made room for an unexpected purchase to hold us over, the McLaren 720S.  The 720S was so impressive that instead of selling it for the new Ford GT after a few months we ended up selling the Ferrari F430 so we could hold on to the 720S for a while longer and experience the GT and 720S at the same time.

With our order window pushed to November 2017  we started the process with the GT Concierge by going over the options, certified Ford GT dealers, schedules and started receiving GT related materials such as the welcome kit, letter from Bill Ford and along with a hard cover book going over many of the details surrounding the GT and the ordering process.  Less than a month from when our official ordering window opened we had completed the spec and placed the 50% deposit to get the car in the production line.

Shortly after dropping off the 50% deposit with AutoNation Ford we were allocated a VIN for the 2018 model year and the build scheduling began.  Ford groups similar spec’d cars together for production as well as where they are going in the world –  and a few weeks later we were advised that our GT had hit the production line.    The Ford GT is completely hand built on a production line that has 10 stations with the car spending just 1 day at each station, meaning the entire car is hand built over 10 working days.

Ford offers factory tours for GT owners to see their actual car on the actual production line so we jumped at the opportunity and flew to Toronto, Canada with just a couple days notice to see the car while it was at stage 7.   At stage 7 most of the panels are on and the interior is getting ready to be installed.   While we couldn’t take any pictures or video inside the factory, the GT Concierge took a  few photos and sent them to us after the car was finished up.  They also take a picture of the car at each station and provide you digital and print photos when you take delivery of the car. It was quite an amazing experience to spend a few hours behind the scenes and see just how these super cars are built from start to finish.  After the GT is built it’s put on an in house dyno to measure the horsepower and then moves on to rattle testing, weather testing and a host of final inspections by the Ford team before it’s released to to delivery team for transport.

The Ford GTs are transported on 5 specially built rigs by Reliable Carriers and these rigs are dedicated to transporting the new GTs across the country.  The Ford GT Concierge schedules your delivery by flying in a GT specialist the meets the delivery truck at your house for a very special unboxing along with a 3-4 hour orientation with the new GT to completely go over all of the cars features.

While we have a host of videos coming soon, we’ll start out with a special delivery BBQ hosted by AutoNation Ford Miami along with some photos of the car during the build process.  We’ll also include some of our past Ford GT videos including our application video which let to our allocation a couple years ago.








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