Twin Turbo Ford GT Crushes World Record

March 28th, 2017

Look out Bugatti; there’s a new top speed world record holder in the mile and it blasts off behind a familiar blue oval. No, it’s not a strictly stock production car but the level of speed displayed by this Ford GT during the Texas Mile event has many speed enthusiasts wondering what this car is capable of when given a more spacious course.

The 2005 Ford GT, prepared by M2K Motorsports, lined up unceremoniously and ran a 293.6 mph pass from a standing start and it did it in just one-mile. This is good enough to annihilate the standing one-mile Guinness World Record (283.2 mph) which was set by Johnny Bohmer in October of 2012.

This stunning GT remains relatively stock in appearance but features a radically modified 5.4-liter V8 force fed copious amounts of air by a pair of massive turbochargers.

If they put a pair of wings on this thing, I believe it would literally fly. You gotta see this one.

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