2017 Ford GT Application Videos

May 10th, 2016

2017-ford-gt-application-videosOver the years our 2005 Ford GT has not only been featured in numerous tests, races and shows but it’s also been in our garage the longest.  While the various Vipers, Lamborghinis, GT-Rs, Ferraris and McLarens have come and gone, the Ford GT has been special enough and fast enough to continually make the cut and be the last car standing.

Ford Motor Company will only be producing a maximum of 500 examples of the all new 2017-2018 Ford GT over the next two years.  With the demand and buzz being incredibly high and with such a small number of cars being available, Ford has come up with application process that allows potential buyers from all backgrounds to apply for the right to purchase the new Ford GT.

After seeing the all new “hyper car level” design along with the specs of the new Ford GT,  including an ultra lightweight carbon fiber body, 3.5L Twin Turbo EcoBoost engine producing “over” 600HP (699 please!) along with the latest innovations in in aerodynamics and technology we were sold on doing our best to acquire one.   As part of the application process Ford provides the opportunity to provide them with a short video on “Why you would be a good candidate for the all new Ford GT”.

Below is our video along with a some others that we liked, good luck to all those who applied and we can’t wait to see the all new Ford GT on the roads later this year.

Our Video:



Other Videos we liked: