1100HP TTLSX 350Z – Street Rolls

December 11th, 2017

Looking like something from a science fiction film, this Nissan 350Z dominates on the highways (of Mexico) in a fashion that is seldom captured on video.

With its wide stance and beefy rubber, this Z-Car has power to burn. It is equipped with a twin turbocharged (pair of Precision 6266s) 5.3-liter LSX (Chevrolet V8 small block) engine. Boost is currently set at 30 psi and the car is running a stock GM manual transmission.

Climb into the passenger seat and see what it is like to take make a few roll racing passes in this rocket. You won’t be disappointed.

In the first contest, it is import on import as the Nissan comes under attack from a 1,400hp Toyota Supra. Super slick looking ‘Yota but – surprisingly – the 350Z smokes him.

Pass number two and an unsuspecting Mustang wander into our web. Never let the fact that a car looks like a wreck give you the impression that it ain’t fast (as crap). The Mustang got gapped doggy-style. Like Greyhound (buses) get your mind out of the gutter!

Finally, we have an amazingly quick BMW M5 (unknown mods). This thing is looking good and rolling even better. Looks like the Beemer is getting spotted a half-car and still gets spanked – multiple times. Have a look.

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