650HP BMW M5 – Street Rolls

July 12th, 2017

I just love a luxury car that can pull its weight in a street race. At the risk of revealing my advanced age, I’ll tell you that the luxury street racer bug first bit me when I built a huge 1978 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and implanted a nitrous injected big block Chevy running gear. It was fun but also heavy. This 2014 BMW M5 is fun but it certainly ain’t that heavy.

The Bavarian Motor Works are globally recognized as leaders in the niche of elegant sports cars. The “M” in M5 refers to the BMW Motorsports division which yields a more powerful engine, stouter driveline, better brakes, and a more agile suspension system.

If that sounds like a recipe for a roll racer, try adding some well placed bolt-ons and a performance tuner and you are sitting on an absolute street beast.

This video was produced in Nashville (Mexico) and provides a perfect example of southern hospitality. Not only did these good-natured street racers allow the cameraman to ride along; they also let him switch cars to provide multiple camera angles.

As capable as this European beauty is on the roll, there were some monsters lurking in the Nashville darkness on this night. Several high-powered Camaros showed up (one of them was supercharged), a Lamborghini rolled out, a couple of Nissan GT-Rs got in the action, a Mustang GT500 was on hand, and even a motorcycle threw down the gauntlet. Lots of other cars got in the action too. This is not a video that you want to miss!

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