US Spec Nissan GT-R runs 11.8 @ 118 MPH at Sacramento Raceway

March 31st, 2008

Edmunds took their US spec 2009 Nissan GT-R to Sacrament Raceway this weekend and ran it down the 1/4 mile. We don’t have all of the timeslip details, but the video shows it running a 11.807 @ 118.62 MPH. Without the 60′ time we can’t really tell how well it launched, but the video shows a bit of spinning and hopping before it really took off. The 118 MPH trap speed is quite a bit less than the 124 MPH the “Magazines” are reporting for the GT-R (about 60HP worth). Since Sacramento is around sea level we would guess the DA was decent for this uncorrected real world GT-R run. Given the GT-R’s weight, power (dyno results) and AWD, 118 MPH does seem to be inline with what we would expect. Of course 124 MPH traps would be fantastic, but in the end everyone knows these GT-R’s will have a huge aftermarket scene around them and they’ll be boosted and modded to scream down any track. How long will it be before we see the first GT-R in the 10’s? Hopefully not long!

Click on the link/picture below to view the timeslip and video:

2009 Nissan GT-R Drag Racing

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