Toyota Powered 240SX Runs 8.09 @ 175 MPH

December 11th, 2015

Toyota Powered 240SX Runs 8.09 @ 175 MPHTo be precise, this Toyota 2JZ powered Nissan 240SX ran a 1/4-mile pass at 8.09, then ended the day with a nice relaxed drive home! I’ve gotta admire a street car that can run low E.T passes all day and then drive home at night. That racing Channel and Real Street Racing build and maintain this skillfully built concoction of Japanese get-up-and-go. We can’t wait to see this car dip lower and lower in elapsed times and higher and higher in trap speed.

The TRC 240 has a built 9:1 3.0-liter 2JZ inline-six-cylinder engine with Manley internals and a Porting Solutions ported and polished cylinder head. Air is force fed through a stock intake manifold using a Precision 7685 turbocharger and a Power House Racing S45 twinscroll turbo exhaust manifold.

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